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Birds Just Wanna Have Fun Fun Fun by Hertzcanary

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The mistress of glitch-funk is back at where she belongs - On our label that is! This ten piece album was all composed in old-fashioned tracker-style, but the sound is no doubt superfresh and uber-class. Hertzcanary at the top again!


  1. Pupertze Dehn Intro
  2. Dehn Hier
  3. Slender To The Beat Of The Easychillers At The Beach With 25 Bottles Of Soda
  4. Telefonieren Mit Bass (Hier Isst Niemand)
  5. Cyanotic Feet Lovers Prank Hotline Jingle (Vom Zappeln Hab Ich Zyanose)
  6. Glitchlied Bleibt Kitschglied
  7. Repetitive And
  8. These Works
  9. End Of Live Performance Form 'Loo Of Beauty' (Drone!)
  10. Quiet Honk Vs Amenzilla2 In Battle Of The Clock Oscillators (B-Bitrate)

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20k295| 2009-10-23 | 20kbps