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Wh� Do Birds Sing So Ga� by Hertzcanary

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Simply the best! It has been somewhat quiet on the northern front the last years. but eons of waiting are over - hertzcanary's longed for new album is finally here.
The new chapter in her obsession with birds goes beyond the scope of accustomed song structures: in der tritt von der alten she interweaves robot gonzo-style short story telling and elaborate bit hop sound with unprecedented artisanry.
In sixteen tracks (of which the shortest takes only a second) she references german trash talk shows of the nineties, late night phone sex ads (in the humorous dezimalfetischist) and mc ayrton senna. Music that will listen to you. Time to bounce and jump!

Featured in Episode 7 of the Tibol Lobit Radio Show.


  1. Ukulele Intro
  2. Der Tritt Von Der Alten
  3. Bounce To The Park
  4. Zeit [Subliminal Ad (Again)]
  5. Dezimalfetischist
  6. Come Get Some
  7. Promillegrenze Skit
  8. Huch Ding
  9. Baeckerposer
  10. Hallo Welt
  11. Slow Zwischenspiel
  12. Grandmother Zwischenspiel
  13. Handbremse Skit
  14. Handbrake Lied
  15. Tilt Cut
  16. Maji (Drinking Ein Lekker Glas Avec L'eau)

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20k323 | 2011-06-26 | 20kbps