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old autumn tales ep by noisesurfer

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Noisesurfer (wordpress) is the first spanish project on 20kbps. Contrary to what the pseudonym might suggest - its bandwitdh is everything else than restricted to noise. This ep (actually it's more like an lp) is a further succesful step on their ongoing search for good music.
The tripartite centerpiece Old Autumn Tales starts with some experimental ambient techno in Wind Spoke and it ends with a very unconventional harsh ambient part, appropriately named noise. Between these two lies Lonely Quiet, a stellar soudscape masterpiece.
They are underpinned by four more works: Rotor County, a frisky dance tune, Unknown Letter, another very fine soundscape, and two experimental electronica tracks, Transit Fields and Dr.Drum.


  1. Old Autumn Tales Part 1 - Wind Spoke
  2. Unknown Letter
  3. Old Autumn Tales Part 2 - Lonely Quiet
  4. Rotor County
  5. Old Autumn Tales Part 3 - Noise
  6. Transit Fields
  7. Dr.Drum
You can download or listen individual files at its and page

20k332 | 2011-18-06 | 20kbps