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cautionary adhesive by the hairy giant

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We were able to catch a hairy giant, but it's propably not the legendary Bigfoot - albeit he's from the US too - from New Jersey to be more specific (just like Origami Repetika).
After several very impressive drone, ambient and noise releases on other labels, he releases his first idm ep.
And it is not less impressive! The first track, She Looked At Me Again Today is a downbeat track, full of atmosphere. Next is Gas Station Offers Me A Job (sadly we're never told whether he accepted the offer), an uplifting 2-step track. The last track Tandoori is an experimental-oriental idm piece.
Three short and neat tracks you don't wanna miss!


  1. She Looked At Me Again Today
  2. Gas Station Offers Me A Job
  3. Tandoori
You can download or listen individual files at its and page

20k331 | 2011-12-06 | 20kbps