in the not-so-distant future,
a secret international alliance
developed a new wave-form sound,
unlike that of a square, triangle,
saw, or sine-wave. 
through much
government spending and 
endless hours of research,
this newly developed
sound-wave had the ability to alter 
the minds of all who heard it,
rendering them mentaly unstable
and therefor being nothing 
more than mindless drones
doing the bidding of the government

Military Satelites positioned above
the Earth were armed with
this new weapon and at exactly
11:30 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
this soundwave was emitted
through the skies.
Soon, much of the planet was 
unable to think for themselves
and an entire planet of 
International Soldiers for what
was to be called
"the new movement" were made.

It was understood that not everyone
would be affected by the sound,
and it has become priority number one
to search out and destroy all
those who were un-altered.
Those who "survived" have
gone deep into hiding, with
many of the major cities 
being militarized and zoned off
for the specific purpose
of becoming Military outposts
for the production of
more effective and destructive weaponry.

c4 was one of the few survivors,
and has chosen to reside in Toledo.
convinced that by creating sounds
which remind him of the raves
and music of the early nineties, it
may trigger memories of times past
for others as well, and slowly
this altered state of mind can
be reversed somehow.

contact with the remaining
survivors is limited, though
much of the netlabel scene
is still intact and collectively,
the sounds are being sent 
back and forth for to be played in
certain localities for
extensive hours and at loud-volumes.

c4 has been dubbed as "the lone Raver",
(a parady of the Lone Ranger)
playing live-sets with no-one other
than himself, at various abandoned
warehouses in the dangerous districts
of Toledo, late into the night. armed with
only coffee and his Korg EMX-1, 
it is rumored these sets have
converted a few back to
believing in old-school acid techno
once again.

the revolution has begun...