Loose Link (New Zealand), Sven Meyer (Germany) and Noisesurfer (Spain), who already released on 20kbps before, once again combine forces as Clockwork Keyboard.
After they they made Music For Martian Airports, they return to deliver Clock Soup For Cooked Airports. Most of these tracks have already been released on their aforementioned second album and the 7 Trumepets EP, both on the french netlabel Sirona as well as the Clockwork LowBit ep on the finnish lobit label Sphicot. Altough sometimes with slight variations, fe here we got Version 1 of Budist Monk On The Dancefloor (Version 1). A track btw. that involved Ross Baker (check his 111 as Cat Pain Black Udder) from the UK.

This full length album is like its predecessor a chaotic 80 minutes time bending journey. The pieces define a new genre that could be called tick hop: time warping astral space sounds, quirky thrill'n'bass rhythms that were put through a time machine and crisscrossing sounds of ticking clocks and humming bells.