I'm a little high right now from the Oxynorm my oncologist prescribed me and I hope you get high on this short four track idm EP. It's about cigarettes while I'm about morphine. But I was a heavy smoker until I stopped about a decade ago. This release reminds me of an Analogues Legacy EP I did with Aunderwex for Proc Rec, where our last track was called The Last 2 Cigarettes. It was named for the devastating fact that we only had two cigarettes left at that moment. Is there a similar story to this EP? Or a different one? Or none at all? I have no idea. Holorime is a new project that started this year with two one track releases on Genetic Trance.
Holorime also did two remixes, one can be found on GT's Lucius Licinius Lucullus compilation, the other is for Aunt Jackie on my other label L.A. Shitty Limits.